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Just trying to keep this place alive.

Been 993886738 years since I posted here.
Gah... Ok more updates and photos over at my BS.



Kami-Sama~! GACKT is here!


Its been 1 million years since I've updated.


GACKT is already in Singapore afew days back!!!
So afew of use meet up yesterday to try our luck if we could bump into him! xD

We went over to Changi Airport at 4.45pm to try our luck for the 5pm onwards flight from Tokyo~
And... Lucky us! We manage to caught DEARS at T1! They took the 5pm flight.

Have a very funny English Mix Cannot-Make-it Japanese chat with one of the Dears.
She's very sweet and nice.

OH!! Most of the Dears and SUPER CHIO CAN~! 8D

Anyway those who went the other day is meeting up on Friday.
Here's some details...


We planning to write mini cards for GACKT and will meet on
FRIDAY, 4pm, at Suntec Convention Hall, Hagen daze
to collect all the cards and find a way to get a staff to pass it to GACKT.

Just are just trying to do what we can and not make a big huha over it. (like camp at the hotel)

p/s: At least GACKT will know we(Sg Fans) exist~! xD

Thx to the NICE AND CHIO DEARS~!!!! xD


I'm BACK~!

Hi Peeps~!
Been very very sick for the past few days.
Even missed the last day of school.
Still very dizzy and tired now.

But I HAVE TO POST! Thx to this 2 little AP Princess

I always have a thing for Dal so I'm gonna get her!
BUT I love Pullips's Lolita!! GOSH!!
Anyone wanna split?
I'll take the Lolita set you take the doll! >0<


So dizzy... bye!

Love love!


My Re-Deco-ed Phone~

Okay... I was bored yesterday, so I bling-ed my phone again~!
Here's the before~

TADA~! Here's the after~!
Too lazy to add and fill up the holes. 8D



Little Momo & Me

I changed Momo's clothes the other day and I didn't realize
we were wearing the same dress & shoes till one of the customers told me.
Click to enlarge~ Cos little Momo is TINY~


Gosh! Its... LAW!

Okay, for once after SOOOOO long.
I didn't feel so bad and annoyed during law class.
Done with PPT and I'm pretty glad that I'm seriously WORKING on the problem today. =D

Day 5, if NS didn't cheat/ eat in/ tekan/ watever you guys its you would be out of the Ulu island on thu!
Cos they say 7 DAYS!!!


Owe you people photo yesterday here's 2.
Taken sometimes back (Duh! He still have hair. LOL)
Super retard... Its only in my PSP and never uploaded before.
AHAHAHAHA! Sooooo funny!!!



Today is...

Yesterday was History.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
And today is... A gift.
Hence its called present.

Day 4 since darling went to outfield.
Time goes by so slowly.
Really miss him badly.

Also the band name is still unknown.
I wanted to name it "Wakaranai" (????)which means "I don't know" in Japanese
and "IDK" for English and "???" for Chinese.

Its so... Straight forward. Haha.
Anyway its already August next Sunday will be Singapore's Birthday.
And darling will be OUT!
Soon it will be Sep and Darling will POP! =D

Gosh! I hate NS!!!

Sorry no picy today~
Will do some change to my layout. =D


His Baby & My Baby

My Baby went of to out field training this morning leaving me alone in the sunny yet lonely island of Singapore.
No connection/ communication/ contact  for 7 whole freaking days! T-T
Its really bringing my day down. I hate NS! They break people up. ='(

On the other hand Miyavi welcome his little baby girl on the 29th July.
Really happy for him & Melody. Hope to see the sweety soon.
*wait for picys*

Oh! Lawliet got her Ichigo (SOOM Glot), she's such a sweetheart.

Why LJ?

You must be asking why am I always posting at LJ now?

Reason is simple... I'm always log on to LJ and I don't need to sign in hence I just POST.
Ok ok photo time!!!
Super cute GACKT~!
Credit to Dears comm on LJ~ <3

Jus had subway~
And I'm gonna click "Post to akimme" now~ 8D


ShoppingLifestyle Magazine Readers&apos; Contest: Win A Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag
You ppl better CLICK AND DO IT!
so... I WILL GET A LV BAG~! <3

I'm serious.